Therapy Technologies, Inc., the maker of the NeuroWalk, was founded by Alan Tholkes. The Therapy Technologies, Inc. design team combines 54 years of durable medical and ergonomic equipment design experience.   Tholkes entered into durable medical equipment design and production in 1987 when he founded Altimate Medical, Inc. There he led a team that produced a variety of durable medical products and adaptive sports equipment.   Most notable was the EasyStand line of standing frames, which to date have allowed thousands of wheelchair-bound individuals to experience the numerous health benefits of standing.   A network of 40 independent representatives and 2500 dealers across the United States was formed, as well as distributors in more than 30 countries. Tholkes sold Altimate Medical, Inc. in 2005.

In 1999, HealthPostures was founded by Tholkes.  He, along with long time product designer and engineer DuWayne Dandurand, designed innovate ergonomic products, including The Stance, an adjustable, multi-postural office chair, as well as the TaskMate line of products.   A national distribution network of dealers was established. Tholkes sold HealthPostures in 2011.

Tholkes, along with Dandurand, began design work on the NeuroWalk in February, 2012 under the project name “Achieve.” Tholkes, a C6-7 quadriplegic himself, initiated work on the Achieve project with one motivation and one statement:

“I just want to stand up and walk.”

He adds “standing in the EasyStand was good, but I wanted to create a device people like myself  could easily use to stand and walk. I wanted the Achieve to provide a natural walking motion. I wanted to feel the sensation of walking, my joints moving, my muscles stretching, and my blood flowing. I wanted to do it myself, and I wanted it to be easy.”

After a year of designing, prototyping, and testing, an acceptable concept emerged. Because the company had such specific objectives and several criteria that had to be met, many versions were produced before a viable mechanical concept was formed. The named was changed to NeuroWalk to more accurately reflect its purpose and capabilities.

In February, 2013, Therapy Technologies, Inc., was formed to finalize the NeuroWalk multi-therapy walking frame and prepare for its market launch. Tholkes and his team believe strongly that the NeuroWalk will be a life-changing and industry-altering product. (See the Technology page for further details.)

The NeuroWalk is expected to launch Fall 2016. Join the NeuroWalk Network to receive updates.