The NeuroWalk is a stationary gait trainer that combines advanced technology with innovative design to accelerate rehab and promote maximum functional recovery through walking-based therapies.

Regardless of the post-acute setting, providing quality care in the shortest time frame is a common goal to ensure maximal outcomes are attained. Early mobility is a key component to achieving these goals.  Current equipment designed for early walking is large, labor intensive and costly.  These factors limit the number of patients who benefit, and can have a negative impact on a facility’s bottom line.

As well, we continue to see a shift toward value-based, bundled payments, making it critical that providers of post-acute care produce accurate outcomes data to reflect the quality of care rendered, to maximize their reimbursement potential.

NeuroWalk was designed with a small, open footprint for easy access and set-up, reducing labor costs and minimizing risk for injury.  It features multiple therapy options, both self-powered and motor-assisted. With the NeuroWalk, an effective, comprehensive therapy session can be completed on one device, avoiding multiple transfers and maximizing productivity.

NeuroWalk’s software is designed to be motivational as well as provide objective documentation that can be used to analyze outcomes.  A secure patient database is set up for each facility.  During each session, data is collected and displayed in real time including optional session targets designed to challenge and motivate each patient.  Following the session, a comprehensive session summary can be saved and entered into a patient’s medical record, improving productivity and reducing errors in documentation.

The software saves all sessions using a secure patient ID into the database, providing valuable comparative capabilities as well as the ability to view utilization reports, and use existing patient data to guide and progress future sessions.

The versatility, safety, and technology of the NeuroWalk make it the ideal rehab device to maximize a facilities resources as well as achieve the best outcomes for its patients.


The NeuroWalk stationary gait trainer allows those with mobility impairments to restore and maintain their health at home through walking-based therapy.

Our bodies were designed to walk.  Nearly all of the body’s systems rely on this natural movement to properly function.  Over 35 million Americans (and billions of people worldwide) have a mobility impairment that limits or prevents them from walking. This lack of mobility may be as a result of a spinal cord injury, stroke, illness, or other conditions such as MS, Parkinson’s or general debility related to aging.

Regardless of the cause, the risk of costly secondary complications of immobility such as pressure ulcers, fractures, heart disease and urinary tract infections must be minimized, to preserve quality of life and optimize function.

The NeuroWalk’s innovative design includes a small footprint, with an accessible, supportive frame, allowing users at home to safely complete multiple walking-based therapies with little to no assistance needed. They can choose from a combination of therapies, including standing, walking and upper body therapy, either self-powered or with motor-assistance.  This versatility allows the user to maximize his/her time and allows for a wide range of progression options.

Not only is the user physically supported by the NeuroWalk at home, they have motivational and emotional support as well.  The custom software is like having a virtual therapist at home.  Through a secure database, a therapist can view a user’s custom profile remotely, and offer support and guidance.  The user can then set session targets, which provide challenge and motivation.  They can save their comprehensive session summaries and view them together, allowing them to view progress over time.  They can even use the Health Tracker feature to see how their hard work is paying off with regard to overall health and wellness.

This valuable data can also be used by therapists and potential users to demonstrate compliance and efficacy to third party payers and assist them with getting their devices funded.

Daily walking is one of the best ways to maintain and improve health.  And emerging research shows that it plays a key role in functional recovery following neurological injuries.  Now, with the help of the NeuroWalk, millions of people will be able to realize their full potential, and walk their way to restoration of health and recovery of function.

What Others are Saying About the NeuroWalk

“Hi Alan,

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me and share with me more about the NeuroWalk. I am honored to be one of just a few people who have had the opportunity to see this product in its development. It is really revolutionary and I have no doubt that the NeuroWalk will change lives.” 

-Heather S., PT, DPT

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