What is the NeuroWalk?

Neurowalk is a safe, efficient, stationary gait trainer designed to promote restoration and recovery of function by combining proven therapy principles with the latest technology.  Neurowalk is advanced gait therapy, simplified.

Who designed it?

It was designed by Alan Tholkes a C6-C7 quadriplegic since 1976, and DuWayne Dandurand, a CAD engineer and product designer of 25 years. Mr. Tholkes was the inventor of the EasyStand standing frame. The design team has over 54 years of combined experience and holds several patents on rehabilitation and ergonomic devices.

Please see the history for more detailed information.

Do you have working models?

Through the R & D process, we have designed several working prototypes, and are working closely with engineers, rehab professionals, and software developers on our final design.

Is it for home use or only in a rehab setting?

It is indicated for use in both the home and rehab setting.

Will a wheelchair user need help to use it?

The NeuroWalk is being designed to accommodate a wide range of users, but the level of assist needed will vary based on the user’s abilities.

What kind of therapies does it offer?

The NeuroWalk is a versatile therapy device that will offer standing, walking and upper body therapies, with both self-powered and motor-powered options.

Who can use it?

The NeuroWalk is designed to accommodate users from 4”11” to 6”4” up to 250lbs.  It is designed to promote restoration and maintenance of health for those with chronic and acute mobility impairments that may include spinal cord injury, stroke, MS, and Parkinson’s, and aging seniors.

Are there any other devices like this?

The NeuroWalk is the first “stationary gait trainer.” There is no other gait training device that utilizes the same combination of technology and design as the Neurowalk.

When will the NeuroWalk be available?

Our goal is that the NeuroWalk will be available in the US in 2018. Please join the NeuroWalk Network and get up-to-date information on when the NeuroWalk will be available.